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15 Things To Check Before Riding Your Side by Side.

General talk about the Honda Pioneer 700-2 and 700-4. Talk about anything you like relating to this new bread of Side by Side.

15 Things To Check Before Riding Your Side by Side.

Postby Admin » Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:05 pm

You are all ready to go, but is your SxS ready? If you haven't done a 360 deg full walk around inspection then you are putting yourself, your passengers, and other fellow riders in danger. Now I'm sure you double checked to see if the cooler was loaded... but did you check to see if your coolant was full? What about the tire pressure? Oil level? Fuel? All simple checks that could save you from a backwoods break down by simply identifying issues before hand and fixing them in time for your ride.

We suggest doing a 10 minute, 15 point, 360 deg inspection looking for anything that could be damaged or become a issue. Here is a basic list of things you should look for before starting any journey:

1. Tire Pressure and Condition. It is important to insure you have proper pressure. More information can be found here Tire Pressure PSI. Look for holes or cuts that may cause problems while on the trail.

2. Coolant level. Check the coolant to insure it is clean and full. Be sure to look at the reserve tank for the proper levels.

3. Brake Fluid. Check and insure they are at proper levels.

4. Oil Level. Make sure your oil level is correct. Insure you check it correctly on a level surface.

5. Fuel Level. Without this you are not going to get far so fill it up.

6. Wheels. Good idea to check the lug nuts for proper torque. Look for cracks or holds in the wheels.

7. Drive shafts. Look for holes in the CB boots. Grease around them is a sign there is a hole in it.

8. Exhaust System. Make sure you exhaust is free of obstructions and derby.

9. Steering. Make sure it turns nice and smooth in both directions.

10. Controls. Check to make sure all controls work properly. Check the brake pedal, parking brake, gas pedal, shift levers, 4x4 lever, head lights, brake lights, and ignition.

11. Air Box. Make sure the filter is not dirty and clean as needed.

12. Tie Rod and Ends. Make sure they are not loose.

13. Side Nets. Make sure they are in good condition and not missing or broken.

14. Seat Belts. Make sure they work and are not cut or broken. They should retract on their own.

15. Cargo. Make sure it is secure and meets the weight limit of 1000 lbs.

This basic 15 point checklist is only touching the surface of having a well maintained SxS and following this direction will not guarantee an issue free trip however you feel more secure knowing your Side by Side or ATV is ready and you are more likely to make it back as planned.
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Re: 15 Things To Check Before Riding Your Side by Side.

Postby atvsnowman » Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:53 pm

This is a very good check list. It is always important to do a pre-ride inspection... I would take it a step more and recommend you do this at least a week before a big ride. I hate it when a buddy calls the night before a big ride needing help to replace a CV boot he busted 2 months ago..... Yes I help him it just pisses me off. lol.
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