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Honda Pioneer 1000

Showcase for the Honda Pioneer 1000's

  1. P1000m3 Sutton

    Average User Rating:
  2. P1000m5 Mase’s 2017 Le

    Just picked this up and the build begins! Lots of mods planned! Check back to keep an eye on it! :)
  3. P1000m5 The Build And Life Of "clutch".

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    Build number 4 on a Pioneer starts now. Been a long road but no one can say I don't bleed red. First pic
  4. P1000m5 Aux Switches

    Rocker switch plate.
  5. P1000m5 My Build 4" Lift Sitting On 34" Black Water Evos

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    2016 p1000-5D lifted on 34" tires
  6. P1000m5 Bigtee's Build

    2016 Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe (White)
  7. P1000m5 Chalmers

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    Not sure why he is named Chalmers. My youngest brother has a habit of naming all our vehicles. He said it is a Simpsons reference, but I haven't watched the Simpson in 15+ years.
  8. P1000m5 Lakerider

    First UTV, purchased in April and have been loving every minute of it..Mostly used on logging roads and trails in private forest land near our home.
  9. P1000m3 Amre2me2

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    Picked this one up a couple weeks ago. We also have the first 2018 P5 LE ordered that comes in. Hopefully before our lion season opens the middle of NOV. So far, I've installed the following: Odyssey duel battery with True isolator, 50" light bar, two LED rear lights, interior LED light, extended tailgate cables, Superwinch 4500 with in-dash switch, duel bilge fans and underseat insulation, Super ATV split windshield, foamed door hinges, fire extinguisher, OEM rear panel, single volt meter...
  10. P1000m5 Here We Go Again... 1000-5 This Time

    Well, now that the 700-4 is gone and the 1000-5 is home. its time to get started on the build again. I really try to go slow and pace myself. however that doesnt always work that way. When i got it, it had roof and windshield as part of the deal. Ordered a winch and mount, synthetic rope and fairlead for it, HL snorkel, Amazon switch plate, fuse box, 100amp disconnect. still plan to get a honda front bumper, lightbars, and soundbar.. when money permits. debating about dual battery...
  11. P1000m5 Silver Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe

    Silver Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe