1. 2016 Honda Pioneer E Blinking 24

    2016 Honda Pioneer E Blinking 24

    Help!!! Machine randomly would not let me shift into gear. Went through Manual and was able to put machine in E mode to limp back to camp in one gear. Went through and had some water in connections and now can’t get it out of E blinking 24. I unhook the PCM and E goes away. Is that the PCM circuit?
  2. C

    P1000 2021 brakes squealing bad

    I have a 2021 1000-5 that has 250 miles on it and my brakes are squealing pretty bad, I haven’t looked into it yet just seeing what it could be. I wouldn’t think that the brakes should be even close to be worn out. Ride on dirt roads and in creeks, not a lot of mud. I have 32” tires with a arm...
  3. tonyspioneer

    P1000m5 Used hard roof and middle roll bar for sale

    Honda Pioneer 1000-5 OEM middle roll bar and hard roof for sale. Both are in great shape other than some scratches from tipping over(slow tip over not a roll over). Structurally sound and no bends or kinks. Tipped on the first drive and replaced them with new ones since. These only saw one...
  4. M

    P1000 Rebuilding 1000-5

    All, My plan is to rebuild a wrecked 1000-5 probably a 2018-2020. My question is if there are any parts that aren’t interchangeable between the 2016-2021 models. I am going to try and buy two wrecked ones and make one out of them. If anyone has an interchange list available it would be great as...
  5. M

    Pioneer 1000 Clutch Issues

    As many of you know Honda had a general recall on clutches a few years back. My Pioneer 1000-5 SxS had that service performed and was back in business in no time. However, 500 miles later the clutch burned out. Poor clutch design? Poor service/set up? Neither American Honda Motorsport customer...
  6. C

    New 1000-5 in CO

    Hello! Just bought my first SXS, a 2021 1000-5 base. My family and I are in the Denver suburbs and in Fraser CO. The 5 seater with shorter wheelbase than 6 seaters really sold me. This forum is great and I already have a laundry list of accessories and mods I want to do! Looking forward to...
  7. B

    P1000 Help please / water'd it out

    Hello help needed. while riding my 21 1000-5 . the rear end broke through the ice. the muffler was under water.. like an idiot I panicked and shut it off. winched myself out of water, but machine wont start. I removed the muffler and it had a fair amount of water in it. the sensor in the...
  8. jcrowe645

    Wheels spacers

    I have a 2021 Pioneer 1000-5 and am looking into wheel spacers. I’m thinking the wide track kit for front and rear from RB3. Does anyone have before and after pictures or opinions?
  9. jcrowe645


    I know there are several post about this subject over and over again. I feel like I have gone in a rabbit hole trying to research shocks. I just purchased a new 2021 1000-5 deluxe last week. I am looking for personal opinions from people who have changed the shocks on their personal units. I...
  10. P

    P1000 2016 Pioneer 1000-5 replacement window nets?

    Looking for replacement front Right window net for 2016 Pioneer 1000-5. Specifically only need the snap clasps that secure the net to the frame because one of ours broke but cannot find those anywhere. Any help would be appreciated!
  11. 2018GMC

    Pioneer LE Wheels - WANTED - AZ

    If anyone in Arizona wants to sell their Honda Pioneer 1000-3 1000-5 Limited LE model wheels and tires, send me a PM or reply to this thread.
  12. C

    P1000 Front driveshaft vibrations

    My machine is a 2018 with 700 very easy miles, mostly on road. Lately I've been noticing a slight vibration at speeds above 35 mph coming from under the floorboard. It is not a violent shake but noticeable. Last weekend I had the skid plates off to do a thorough cleaning before parking it for...
  13. JiminAZ

    P1000 Buying 1000-5 in Phoenix - need best price data

    So happy to have found this forum and all the great info/advice. Been looking at used 1000-5 models (2016+), and have found prices are like buying a recent model Toyota. They're high enough that for a few thou more I can have a new one. I like the Deluxe but frankly I think a 1000-5 with a...
  14. ABischoff

    P1000 Pioneer 1000-3 Hardtop with 1000-5 ROPS

    I am looking to remove the rear cage on my 1000-5 to help (in my opinion) clean up the look a little bit. I use my machine for more utility than anything so I rarely need the rear cage. I would like to run a hard top roof but, for the reason above, I do not want to buy a 1000-5 hardtop. My...
  15. ABischoff

    P1000 ABischoff's Pioneer 1000

    Just pulled the trigger last Friday on my first side by side, and my first Honda product. Super excited to see where this takes me! I'm not sure how out of hand and expensive this hobby will get so I don't know how "crazy" this build will be. I am not expecting anything too crazy but only time...
  16. mjs6789

    P1000m5 Need advice on costly situation. Buy a 1000-5 or? Help!

    Hey guys, looking for your advice, suggestions, ideas for an expensive situation I have gotten myself into. I’ll try to keep it as short as possible, but you need to know the details in order to give me some advice. SITUATION Bought a new 2018 Can-Am Defender Max XT HD10 (their big 6-seater)...
  17. Moses

    P1000m5 Honda racks ready for relaunch

    Honda V2 and V1 racks are ready to relaunch Please email me at [email protected] for further details.
  18. OldTruckie

    P1000 DONE! All I have planned anyway.

    Finally finished with my planned accessories. TUSK- 30" curved LED light Seizmik mirrors - side and main rear Rear rack by Brick City Fabrications Fire Extinguisher & Bracket OEM spare wheel black due to mistake on order by dealer.(got 50% off so I kept it) Rotopax 2 gal gas can Milwaukee tool...
  19. Moses

    P1000 Updated V2 spare tire rack info and pics.

    Hey how's it going everyone. I just wanted to send a huge thank you to everyone that has purchase a rack from me within the last few months. A ton has changed since I started out of my garage in may of last year. I was able to pony up and get into a shop. I've also been able to increase my...
  20. L

    P1000 Heat Shield Kit for Honda® Pioneer 1000-5 UTV

    This is a release from DEI Powersports: Avon Lake, Ohio (November 8, 2016)…Honda’s impressive flagship UTV is equipped with room for five, sporty paddle shifters and a 1000cc high output engine. Unfortunately, this fun package can generate serious heat entering into the seat area. DEI has...

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