1. T

    P1000 New Winch Questions

    Hi All, Mechanically & Electrically Challenged here, opinions and guidance always desired: Was gifted a 4500 KFI Stealth Winch for Christmas for my new 2020 P1K5D 1. Do I need/should I purchase second battery & if so what is the forum's preference for P1K5D battery? 2. For the rocker switch...
  2. Maritimer

    P500 Flopped and now Starter Won't Crank?

    Coming back from a fishing trip last evening I flopped my < 1000 KM Pioneer onto it's side in the most gentle way you've ever seen. I used the winch to pull it back onto it's wheels then out of the hole that caused the tip-over in the first place. (Ice on one side of the trail, bottomless much...
  3. A

    Talon Extra Electrical Wires

    I was thinking about adding a fuse box for extra stuff .(radio, lights, etc). When I remove the hood and the top panel I found these large black and red wires (see image). The wires have no power to them when the key is on or off. these will be perfect if I could figure out how to get power to...
  4. 70Bones

    Talon Battery and Relays

    Does anyone know where the battery and relays are in the Talon? Down low, up high? I did a search before asking and didn't find anything.
  5. C

    P700 Replacement Battery

    I'm looking for an upgraded battery for my 2017 700-4. Having difficulty finding one with the same OEM dimensions. The closest I could find is a Motobatt MBYZ16H (16Ah) with 240CCA. (Motobatt MBYZ16H 12V 16.5Ah AGM Battery). Does anyone know of a similar battery that will fit and has higher...
  6. J

    P1000 Aux battery help

    I am getting ready to install a 2nd battery and isolater. I know the most common setup is the odyssey battery and tru isolater. But why? What are the specs that you all are looking for that lead you to this setup.I am trying to gain a little knowledge as I have very little in this area. I would...
  7. Braleyoutdoors

    P1000 Dead battery

    After a few weeks of non use, my Pioneer has drained the battery 100%. After boosting it off and letting it warm up, when I put in gear, nothing happens. The dash lights are going nuts. The gear indicator shows R, I hear the linkage shift the tranny but unit will not move at all. Any thoughts
  8. Mudder

    P500 Ez Steer power steering 220 watt draw

    With the 220 watt ez steer motor, has anyone had a need for an extra battery?

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