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dual battery

  1. B

    New member from New Braunfels, TX

    Purchased my 2021 Pioneer 1000-5 in February and haven't regretted it for one second. This was my first UTV and after researching all the available brands, I chose Honda. I'm not the most mechanically inclined but this site has been invaluable in assisting me with wiring up some of my...
  2. KennyW

    P1000 Dual battery install

    Install a kfi winch true dual set up stinger fuseblock and reverse lights all at one time. Switch plate from PBR. Pics are during install and haven’t got any of final product. I used buss bars to keep from stacking on batt terminal. Still need to mount a 50” curved light bar and some sort of...
  3. T

    Dual battery suggestions

    I am wanting to install another battery on my HP700. Any recommendations on a battery and the products needed to do this would be greatly appreciated!
  4. RobSparre

    P1000 Yet Another Pioneer 1000 Dual Battery Install - video

    Greetings all - this is my first post - from West Chester, PA. Just joined a few weeks ago. Love seeing everyone and reading all of the great community knowledge! Just got our 2020 P1K-5 used with only 34 miles on it! The first thing I wanted to do was add the dual battery system for...
  5. S

    P1000 What is this for?

    So I’m doing a dual battery install thanks to everyone’s posts here. I have the factory switch plate and my winch was also installed by factory. Now I’m figuring out what needs to go to my second battery and on my main is what I see as a fuse that goes from main pos to main neg. Do I need this...
  6. J

    P1000 Do I need diodes?

    Hello, I bought a P1000-5 about one month ago. I love the machine. I have been enjoying getting it setup for my needs. I recently added an isolator and aux battery. Currently the aux battery powers a stereo but I will add more accessories in the future. I have installed dual battery systems...
  7. RedFred1

    P1000m3 Haunted Pioneer - The General

    After seeing other graphics on people's pioneers I contacted Walter at UTV graphics to do some for me. I have always been a fan of The Haunted Tank comics and the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard so I decided a mashup of the two would look great on my orange pioneer. These are Walters mock...
  8. pit

    P1000 Let the mods begin....

    So I'm finally getting some time to start planning how exactly I'm going to start the hemorrhage of cash, I mean mods, and after lots of reading on here, the obvious first step is getting the 2nd battery in place. I've got 2 main questions to get some advice on before I get started: 1. I'm...
  9. Daren

    P1000 Another Dual Battery and Fuse Panel question....

    Hello everyone. I know there are various threads about this, but I need a little help and clarification. I have a 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000. I am wanting to do the dual battery upgrade with True Dual Battery Isolator Kit along with Odyessey PC925 battery. Along with dual battery setup I want to...
  10. DmaxHunter

    P1000 Auxiliary Electrical System

    Hey guys. I have been reading and researching a TON on this forum almost every day for the last two months straight in regards to dual battery setup and wiring everything up to pretty much have an auxiliary electrical system. So THANK YOU for all the info you guys have provided in many different...
  11. Tropicalfruitfarm

    P700 Ideas for 2nd Battery location?

    Good Morning, Finished up on the 1000, now working on the 700. Looking for ideas on second battery placement. Ideas, photos are appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Windrock1000

    P1000m5 Windrock1000- She’s still sexy!

    Windrock1000 submitted a new Garage Item: Windrock 1000's- She's Foxy Now Read more about this showcase item here...
  13. CumminsPusher

    P1000 Cumminspusher-the New Ride

    CumminsPusher submitted a new Garage Item: CumminsPusher-The new ride Read more about this showcase item here...
  14. Cumminspusher-the New Ride

    P1000m5 Cumminspusher-the New Ride

    Everyone it's done the wait is over. Our do over has started. ITS HERE:) Thank you to everyone for putting up with me lately and again thanks for all the support you have no idea what it means to my family.Ill never forget this.Itll be a long process of rebuilding the ultimate woods machine for...
  15. GlockMeister

    P1000m5 GlockMeisters P1K5 Build Continues

    Howdy everyone, this is the beginning of my probably very slow build,been slowly piecing it together since feb. here's what I've got so far... factory roof two piece hardcoat windshield soft rear panel home made insulation under seat Home made bug screen Custom overhead stereo gun rack Light...

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