1. S

    Brian Crower Camshaft

    Just ordered the stage 3 trail spec camshaft and upgraded springs from BC. Currently running PPEI tuning, mostly stock everything else. Has anyone tuned for this camshaft yet? I sent Erik at PPEI an email, we'll see if he has anything ready to go or not. Has anyone installed one of these with...


    Hello Honda Talon Enthusiasts we have exciting news! Jsport SXS is proud to announce we are now selling the Factory Direct Stock 999cc Talon Crate Engine. If you are interested please call/email in to best reach you. Phone: 866.343.5510 Email: [email protected] Website: FACTORY STOCK 999CC...
  3. Herbie

    P1000 Honda radiator Class Action Lawsuit

    I would like to know how many Pioneer 1000 owners have experienced engine overheating problems, like me. Would like to know the conditions when it happens, and any other information of modifications, tire sizes, bumpers, etc. I know there are a few of you out there, especially those that ride in...
  4. Nathanp500

    P500 Zero problems in over 2280 miles

    Bought my 2017 Pioneer 500 in February with 115 miles on it. Now 8 months later I have over 2280 miles and 163 hours on it with mostly highway miles. Only normal maintenance like oil changes, adjusting clutch, and cleaning air filter. Just did a coolant change and put new tires on the front. The...
  5. W

    P1000 Engine crack

    New member here and happy owner of a 1000-3. I’ve owned my P1000 for over a year and thoroughly enjoy it. A recent visit to my local honda dealership for the clutch improvement and heat shield recall has me frustrated. After bringing the machine home I found oil dripping from the skid plate. I...
  6. S

    P1000 Engine cutting off when stopping

    2017 1000-5 deluxe with 500 miles. Started this weekend and has done it 5 or 6 times today. When slowing down and coming to a stop the engine will die. Usually will not start back up unless you turn key off and then back on. Also noticed the rpm gauge is doing some weird movement when...
  7. Wingnurse32

    P700 Rattling in engine compartment

    Has anyone else noticed rattle in the engine compartment at idle and at lower RPMs. I noticed that the engine & exhaust both mount to a U-shaped bracket that's mounted to the frame. At idle the bracket actually moves back & forth in its frame mount. I'm assuming it was designed to do that. I...

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