1. J

    P1000 New (2019) P1k Hard Doors

    Hello, I recently put a set of tracks on my Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe and am interested in a cab system for use this winter. I already have the Honda factory glass windshield with wiper and the factory hard roof. Does anyone have experience with the new (0SU95-HL4-105) hard doors? From what I...
  2. S

    P1000 Cheap Heater Solution

    I have struggled with the purchase of a heater for some time. Given the bad reviews of the Honda Factories and the quality of some of the others, I decided to go another route. This install was cheap and easy, plus it looks factory. Maradyne Santa Fe Auxiliary Heaters HC-400012 Four Seasons...
  3. H

    P700 Windows?

    I have a plastic window now on my 700. Does any one know the answer to these tow questions. Does snow stick faster to a plastic window or Glass? Do plastic windows fog up faster than a glass window? Trying to decide if need to spend the money and up grade to a glass window, windshield wiper...
  4. MarlinWalker

    P500 Heater installed with Pictures

    New 2018 Pioneer 500 owner here. I’ve had it for about a month now and it has been great. Here in northern Idaho the snow will keep me out of the mountains for about 3-4 months but early spring and late fall is ridable but can be downright chilly. So I set out to enclose my cab. I bought a...
  5. CumminsPusher

    P1000 Next P1K project begins

    Well it's getting cold now and as much as I've been liking the seat heat it's not enough so it's about time for a change. I've got an idea but this one will require some serious thought because of the logistics. Hope to get it right and I've got my beautiful helper to assist but this won't be a...

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