oil change

  1. A

    Little too much oil in 2020 pioneer 1000-5

    I accidentally put a little to much oil in my sxs, do I need to drain some, or will it be alright? It is above the top line. If so, what would be the easiest way to drain just a little. Or would I need to remove one of the plugs again. Or would I have to drain a little from each plug?
  2. PortuguesePioneer

    P500 Oil Filter Change without Oil Change

    Yup I did it. I changed the oil (first service) and completely spaced out my filter before re-filling. Can I safely change the filter on the Pioneer 500 without draining the new oil? Thanks in advance guys!!
  3. Parmer84

    P700 Honda 0w 30 full synthetic?

    Does honda make a 0w 30 full synthetic oil. Wanted to change oil to that after break in since I do alot of ice fishing and it can get below 0. Also I usually run non oxygenated gas in all my small equipment, but the service guy at dealer said to use 87 when its really cold it will start better?
  4. Steve00

    P500 Oil change wrench on display

    Does the wrench only appear on the display in 1st and 2nd initial oil change intervals or will it pop up every 600 miles or so, or do I need to keep track of the miles everytime I need an oil change.... is it every 400 miles or 600?
  5. S

    P1000 Small Oil Leak

    I followed the oil change guide at 20 hours, did DCT and Engine filter. Tightened carefully but without a torque wrench. Now I am at 40 hours, and I have just noticed I have a small oil leak. Evidence on the ground/garage makes me think it has been going on for a few days. Dip stick...
  6. Mudder

    P500 Cheap dome light

    For an interior dome light, I stuck a cheap adheadsive backed led puck light on the rear top inside of Honda roof sticker. Runs on batteries and very bright. Put a small loop of duck tape (around finger size) inside so it won't twist off on bumps. 3 for $10. Push on and off. Also put led...

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