1. sarge160

    SuperATV Flip Up Windshield is concave

    I've been on site many times but have been remiss in saying hello. Have gain a lot of ideas for my new toy so thanks to all for posting. Received and installed my new SuperATV flip up windshield on my 2017 Pioneer 700 4 on Tuesday. It was beautiful until I noticed that the windshield wasn't...
  2. clifforeilly

    P1000 HELP PLEASE wont go into reverse

    When trying to put my 2016 1000-5 in reverse the gears just grind. I made the cable adjustment under the battery, didn't seam to change anything . The dash indicator shows the machine is in "R" , no codes or other warnings. If you give it a little gas it slams into reverse , pops in and out of...
  3. S

    P1000 Engine cutting off when stopping

    2017 1000-5 deluxe with 500 miles. Started this weekend and has done it 5 or 6 times today. When slowing down and coming to a stop the engine will die. Usually will not start back up unless you turn key off and then back on. Also noticed the rpm gauge is doing some weird movement when...


    I have received some great news from my local dealer here in Maine. After half-burning my R,1,3,5 clutch and experiencing high revs while slowly crawling through rough terrain in a tight woods trail on Thursday night, I spoke to Honda on Friday about getting my 1000-3 fixed. They initially told...

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