1. E

    P1000 Stock Pioneer 1000-5 LE w/ System 3 xtr370 28" tires

    Our 2017 pioneer 1000-5 LE with stock suspension and wheels, no spacers, no lift. With 28x10R-14 System 3 XTR370 X-Terrain tires. I can get them to rub slightly at full lock, and some rubbing when flexing out the suspension. So far I'm in love with them.They feel so much better than the stock...
  2. Moses

    P1000m5 Honda pioneer 1000-5 spare tire carriers for sale

    Honda 1000-5D and 1000-5 V2 rack $649 plus shipping The V1 rack is $549 plus shipping it does not include the cooler mount. That includes: •Cooler rack for a yeti tundra 45 or rtic 45 or something under those dimensions. The yeti tundra cooler is 13-3/8" deep and 24-1/2" wide at the...

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