1. bwetzel

    P1000 SuperATV Windshield/Roof/Rear

    After lots of reading posts on the forum and talking with sales rep at SATV, I pulled the trigger on flip up windshield/clear roof/back windshield to replace OEM one-piece poly windshield and soft top/back. I had installed Siezmik vents in my current windshield to see if I could increase airflow...
  2. C

    P700 Superatv lift kit VS eBay spacers

    Excuse my ignorance, but can anyone tell me the functional difference of the superatv lift kit VS the 2 inch spacers available on ebay? Obviously there is a price difference. I haven't heard much feedback of the superatv lift kit. Thanks in advance for the info.
  3. sarge160

    SuperATV Flip Up Windshield is concave

    I've been on site many times but have been remiss in saying hello. Have gain a lot of ideas for my new toy so thanks to all for posting. Received and installed my new SuperATV flip up windshield on my 2017 Pioneer 700 4 on Tuesday. It was beautiful until I noticed that the windshield wasn't...
  4. clifforeilly


    I made myself a custom HDDH for my WFO adjuster. I made a few extra. $110 order today at no extra cost, satisfaction guaranteed. While supplies last. Enter WING in the "APT." line at checkout to get the wing on your HDDH. See comments to see where to put WING at checkout.
  5. clifforeilly

  6. HawaiisFinest

    P1000 Just installed SuperAtv 6" Lift Kit and Rhino Axles keep breaking issues, HELP?

    Aloha from Hawaii We would love some help and advice here. We have a 2017 1000-5 and within the last month we purchased the SATV 6" suspension lift which came with the Rhino Axles 1.0. We installed everything on March 31 and about a week later, we rode it on a maiden voyage on a flat, dirt road...
  7. TeamCheap

    P500 ERV.....what a difference a day makes

    Sadly we wont be going to crazy on this thing but I hope to make it unique just the same. here it is after two days of bolt on goodies. DSCN0377 by TeamCheap posted Apr 22, 2018 at 8:10 PMDSCN0378 by TeamCheap posted Apr 22, 2018 at 8:10 PM
  8. JTW

    P1000 SATV Rhino axles

    Well, I got some SATV rhino axles today.. Immediate impression is they look beefy. However, it’s whats under the boot that matters. Speaking of boots. I don’t care for the bands they use.. but if they hold up, who cares! Fronts are on back order and will be another week.
  9. jay_man81

    SuperATV Arched A-Arm Install

    If you guys saw my ride vid a few vids back, you know that I bent the lower A-arm on my P1k5. Instead of replacing it with another stock one that is liable to do the same thing, I went with beefier arched A-arms from SuperATV. Fairly easy install for the do-it-yourselfer. Edit:
  10. ReidMcT

    Winch stops and starts

    I used my newly installed SuperATV 3500 winch today. At first, it was fine, then it was not. I was using it to pull a force of no more than 50 pounds - using a block and tackle to help me move some heavy stuff. After winding in about 25 feet of rope, the winch stopped. I pushed the (remote...
  11. Eltobgi

    P1000 Pulled the trigger on Super ATV A Arms

    Well what can I say price was right free shipping $599. Really wanted to run with the HL, but concerned about lack camber adjustment after reading various posts. :)

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