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tires and wheels

  1. D

    TalonX tires and wheels

    Has anyone done 18inch rim with 33 inch tire? Very interested in the system 3 xm310 33X9.5X18
  2. D

    P700 29.5” Outlaw 3s

    Hello everyone, I bought a 2020 Pioneer 700-4 about 2 months ago. It has 14 inch wheels and 26 inch tires. Everything else is stock. I’m looking for any help to figure out what I have to do to get 29.5” outlaw 3s to fit with no rubbing. Thanks in advance.
  3. Steve00

    P500 WE SHOCKS ORDERED! Will I notice?

    Walker Evan's shocks ordered with 1.5 inch wheel spacers and removing sway bar, Will I notice a difference on the whoops? There killing me at my atv park they dont groom the trails.
  4. A

    P700 Thoughts on new shoes

    STI Outback Max tires 27x10x14, ITP SS316 14x7 5+2 wheels all around my new 700. Does this sound good?
  5. JustinNixon

    P700 28 BKT’s?

    recently installed the 2.5” highlifter lift kit on my 700. No problems at all so far, I threw some 28” BKT AT171’s on there on some m12 diesel 14’s gave a lot of clearance. SYA snorkel, half windshield, boss speaker and all. Just missing a roof because I’m thinking about getting the hump on the...
  6. C

    P1000 Wider rears vs. all around

    Lookin for pros and cons. Wider rear tires vs. same width all around.
  7. Twangin

    P500 Effects of Tire Weight

    Getting a lot of mods done on my 17' P5 and tires/aluminum wheels are next (most-likely next month). So of course I have nearly burnt up google and this forum reading and watching reviews on a TON of tires. For my needs I want an all around tire that's at least decent riding on trails but that I...
  8. T

    P1000 Wanted To Buy Wheels/Tires

    Hello, I am looking to buy at least one if not a set of Pioneer 1000 wheels (tire+rim). So if anyone has any take offs let me know. I am looking for the 14" diameter rim, don't care if its the deluxe rim or a black steel rim. Please email me at [email protected] Thanks Trevor

    P500 Ripsaws are perfect.

    Both of the P500s in our group are running Ripsaw 27x9x14 tires on 14x7 wheels with 4x110 and 5+2 spacing. After watching both units preform over 2 weekends in dry and wet North Alabama conditions, I am convinced this is the perfect tire setup and size. The steering is a little heavy when...
  10. C

    P500 Plowing tips and accessories

    I have been asking a bunch of questions about the P500 and plowing- as that will be a huge portion of what I am going to be using it for. I have heard that the stock tires are not good have have poor traction in the snow and ice? Has anyone heard this? I don't want to be any wider than 50...
  11. W

    P500 my dually

    bad ass dually

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