tires & wheels

  1. D

    P700 29.5” Outlaw 3s

    Hello everyone, I bought a 2020 Pioneer 700-4 about 2 months ago. It has 14 inch wheels and 26 inch tires. Everything else is stock. I’m looking for any help to figure out what I have to do to get 29.5” outlaw 3s to fit with no rubbing. Thanks in advance.
  2. Sbhelwig1

    P700 Tire and what bundles

    Hey Gentlemen, I’m wanting to put different wheels and tires on my ride. I’ve been looking at tire and wheel bundles on Amazon and EBay and did some searches on the internet. Can I get some suggestions for the best place to purchase a decent package and what is the biggest size tire and wheel...
  3. B

    P500 Some Pics

  4. S

    P700 Got some new shoes!!!

    Ordered new tires (zillas) the other day and finally got the chance to mount them up. 2019 pioneer deluxe on stock deluxe wheels. 27x9’s our front 27x11s out back. Fitment is great fronts stick out a smidge past the fender. No power loss to report power steering handles them just fine. Also on...
  5. bama2dogs

    P1000 Mississippi Delta duck rig

    I'm looking for recommendations on after market tires for my Pioneer. Need some aggressive tires for the gumbo mud in the Delta but don't know if I should move up on size or just go with more aggressive tread pattern on stock wheels.

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