1. W

    20" Lightbar, Installation on ATV and func. only when keyed-on.

    Hi. Bought a lightbar wiring harness to hook up my very first lightbar. It's 160W Lightbar and wanting to install on my Honda fourwheeler. Anyone who has knowledge of the process, would really appreciate if I can have your guidance. Basically, I want to only have the lightbar functional when...
  2. Mudder

    P500 Call for winch wiring help??

    Been having PM with newer member @HP5NC about wiring winch, and suggesting a run of heavy guage wire to under hood/junction posts and using a switched circuit breaker near battery. He plans to add front light bar, etc later. Searched some old threads but wondering if someone has a simple line...
  3. R

    P500 Badland 5000 winch install

    I’m trying to install a Badlands 5000 winch but the cables that came with it are not long enough to reach from the solenoid to the battery. Has anyone else had his problem? I ran the wires underneath, between floorboard and skid plating, alongside the factory wires. It was a tough to run them...
  4. mystic1219

    Multi P500/700/1000 Switch Panels-2018 Thread

    I'm making a new thread again this year to keep up with some changes. Here is last years thread with some good pics and info Multi - Custom Switch Panels (2017 thread) I am still making custom switch panels for all year and size Pioneers. The shop has changed my ordering requirements some...
  5. casey2131

    P1000 Switch panel to ignition question

    I have a switch panel for my 1000 deluxe that I'm trying to hook and to my ignition. it has constant running lights that I bypassed to to switch but that's not the correct way, needs to be hooked up to the ignition. Anybody have any ideas? here's the panel i have. Thanks...
  6. G

    P700 Wiring a speaker bar

    Hi, I have recently purchased a Honda Pioneer 700. The bike came with a speaker bar mounted and wired but it is hard wired to the battery. Which means I don't have any way to turn it off with the key unless I take the wire off the battery, or it stays on and the battery dies. Has anybody else...
  7. L

    P500 Superwinch installation

    I bought my Pioneer 500 last Saturday. The only options I bought from the dealer were the hard top and the cargo tray. I have several accessories on order including a Strongmade bumper and Superwinch Terra 3500 (Got it on Amazon for $160.00). Can anyone tell me if the Winch comes with all the...
  8. Stone

    P1000m5 Switch illumination

    I just installed some mic tuning 5 pin switches for some led lights and winch. I have located and use the "key on power" for my winch and it works fine. Now I'm trying to get the lower light on the switch to illuminate when the headlights are on, the upper light illuminates like it should when I...

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