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May 14, 2013
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The Talon is amazing and so much fun to drive. Its hard to keep it under 50 mph in the fast sections. I still have the need for speed and can’t have any fun just putting around unless were doing some rock crawling. My suspension works a little bit better with my Suzuki in the back. I may add a bed extension with a continental spare tire on my 2020 Talon to get more weight in the back.

I’m hoping I will get to 20,000 miles without a break down. If Honda doesn’t have a new model next year I may keep it until 30,000 miles. It still runs just like new. The suspension and drive line is still tight and like new. The Honda 10w40 synthetic blend with Moly made an amazing improvement in shifting the sub trans. Anyone having difficult shifting needs to read the label on the oil. It does everything it says and then some.

I made another snorkel for my buddy and were using this pre filter from O’Reilly’s Auto Parts now. It comes oiled and ready for use. It should be good for 5,000 to 10,000 miles depending on how often you follow in the dust. For $32.00 its not worth cleaning so we will just replace it.

I’m doing the 14,000 mile oil change now. I raise up the passenger side slightly so the oil won’t run down the case onto the skid plate.

I tell the guys when you buy a Honda you need to take good care of yourself so you will live long enough to wear it out.



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Dec 30, 2015
Like @PaulF said, any Moly oil will seriously causes clutch issues.

Do not use in the ENGINE side of any Honda SXS.

I wonder how an oil like Schaeffers would do? I use their 5w30 in my Cruze, their claim to fame is the amount of Moly they have in their oils.

@hondabob What accessories or mods have your performed and what if any were you unhappy with and have changed?
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Oct 27, 2019
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Would you be so kind as to post some more pictures of your snorkel please. Especially where it exits the body in the back. Thanks
If Bob doesn't see this, his 2500, 6000 and 10,000 mile reports have those pics. All are in this forum.

I didn't use a hole saw, I wanted to position the hole exactly and I wanted a snug fit for the tube passing through the body panel. So I did it the hard way and dressed to size with a rasp in a drill. What defined my hole location is position 11:00, 3:00 and 6:00 - I didn't want to cut through any of those edges and I was able to do that, barely.

Click on the pic for full size -

Exact copy of Bob's -
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