BRed 2011 MUV700 - Start Troubles [SOLVED]


Jan 9, 2021

  1. Big Red
2011 Big Red MUV700. I picked it up as a project. Rebuilt the engine (among other things). Previous owner had put in a brand new battery 2 days before I got it because it wouldn't start (though it wasn't quite the right battery: a Duralast ETX14L 220cca). I put a new starter in it and all was good... at first.

Over the past 2 months, it has started to have the same symptoms that led the previous owner to buy a new battery. Slow starting and sometimes not enough torque to turn the engine over at all. If I pull the plug, it will turn the engine over-and-over until the battery dies. Happens even if I jump the solenoid and even if I apply 12v directly to the post and ground the case. I didn't think the starter would have given out in 2 short months but this past week I put yet another new starter in it and also purchased a proper YTX14BS 235cca. I also purchased a new solenoid relay but it hasn't arrived yet. With the new battery and starter, it fires up again. However, sometimes it still hangs up and won't turn the engine over unless I hold the key. Battery is fully charged. Maybe the solenoid will fix it, but I'm not too hopeful.

Once I do get it started, the machine runs beautifully. The engine is basically new and has STRONG compression so I expect it to be tight, but can there be too much compression to keep the starter from turning it over? What other things could cause this and/or what should I check for?

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