P700 Achieving equal width on front/back tires with same width tires.


Mar 10, 2022
Duvall, WA

  1. 700-4
Hello again, All,

Please forgive if my search efforts failed to turn up a thread that covers this.

I have a 700-4 and would like to replace my 25" tires with 27" tires. I am buying new wheels, too, so I can keep the originals for particularly muddy conditions (which prevail for 5 months out of the year where I live). I would love to have 27x11s all around, but I really don't want to deal with spacers. Would moving to a 4+3 wheel in the rear just provide 1 extra inch of width? And if so, that would leave my rear tires less wide from outside to outside than, but still narrower than the front overall.

My understanding from reading here is that the rear wheel hub/mount is 2" narrower than the front, and that a 4+3 offset would add 1 inch of width to each. Just checking to make sure I am not misunderstanding things. I currently have a set of 9s for the front and 11s for the rear on order, but could cancel if the 4+3s in the back would permit me to run equal width tires without a spacer.


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