Multi Bluetooth Radio Set-up: Under $50


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May 30, 2018

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Just wanted to share a cheap idea that's worked out well for some cruising tunes. Not the FANCIEST speaker system in the world, but the price is right and it can be taken with me when I go fairly easily.

A couple of years ago I had purchased this Bluetooth speaker from Amazon and really liked it:

I have a weird thing for waterproof electronics- so I can say this unit has been extensively tested (dunked in a lake, rained on, even run through the washing machine on accident once)- its waterproof. The sound is the best I have heard in remotely close in price range (even after soaked and dried out), its uncomfortably loud at the highest setting and the battery life has been as good as advertised for the last couple of years. I've used a single speaker alone in the Pioneer on several trips with good results.

Last week they went on sale: $19.99 for the orange one (I had green but as it turns out I'm cheaper than I am stylish), so I picked up a second. Paired with this clamp that I got a hold of for my roof project:

....the speaker mounts right up (Pioneer 1000 roll cage). They have a standard camcorder mounting hole in the bottom...1/4-20 I believe? You can see I mounted the clamps behind the driver/passenger side, and then just spin the speakers on until they bottom out.

Pairing the speakers is super easy- just turn them both on and they link to each other automatically. Then pair your phone to the one with the *slower* blinking blue light and you're off to the races. With two together, they really don't need to be any louder than 50-60%, so they should last all day long.

Again, not the fanciest or loudest set up out there, but a quick and inexpensive way to get some tunes in the Pioneer. When you are done for the day, they can just be spun off the bolts and taken back to camp for charging/listening there.


Please excuse my temporary back up light hanging from the cage- I have several other projects I'm working on this winter :)

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