BRed Broken Shift Lever 2009 Big Red


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Jun 12, 2022

  1. Big Red
Shifting between Forward and Reverse had become VERY DIFFICULT on a sporadic, but frequent basis. Recently the shift lever broke off at the base. The MUV700 was in forward and moved several hundred yards, then would move no more under it's own power. I was able to push it into the garage. I thought maybe it had slipped out of gear without the shift handle being "locked in" on the dash - so I removed the cable from the transaxle and tried to shift between gears by hand. I was unable to get it to shift. I have a new shift lever coming tomorrow and plan to install it hoping this will allow BR to move again. I plan on having the transaxle inspected and serviced but was wanting the groups opinion of what may be going on. Has anyone had a VERY HARD to shift in and out of gear issue before? Has anyone broken a shift lever. Thanks!

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