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P1000 Carnivores and bead-locks


Oct 20, 2022

  1. 1000-5
This weekends project… tire swap. I picked up a brand new set of Maxxis Carnivore 30x10x14 from my neighbor and putting them on 14x7 kmc gernade single bead-lock wheels 5+2 offsets. Really looking forward to seeing how these handle up here in Alaska.

I used my Hi-Lift jack, blocks of wood, and the front tow hooks on our van to bust loose the rear bead on the Blackwater Evos that I’m removing. The Evos are also a 30x10x14. All and all went pretty smooth.

I included a contrast picture of the tires. From left to right: Carnivore mounted fully inflated. Middle, Evos mounted fully inflated. Right, Carnivore not mounted. I was surprised just how tall the Carnivores were after they where mounted.

1841ED6F-F31A-4B55-9193-27F0FE198575.jpeg 030359E0-4070-4822-AF64-0457AF4C00AF.jpeg 9D1980C2-F560-4721-A836-2FB056B5D472.jpeg BA7001EF-0F6A-4EA0-87DD-BC049D17A053.jpeg

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