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Apr 27, 2016

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So. Got my insurance and shop estimates back. Total is about 4100. My deductable is 500 so they are cutting me a check for around 3600.

From that 3600 dollars, I am only going to get my roll Cage fixed and new back doors ordered. Evidently they won't just sell one door, you have to buy pairs. That's pretty Gay.

So. Honda prices are stupid. They want 250 dollars for a flipping rim. That's the non deluxe steel rim. The fancy 14 inch aluminum runs are 12 dollars cheaper. They are only 230. Ridiculous.

Please guys, tell me how much your itps cost? 90 a piece? With lifetime warranty? 250 a piece should get me Beadlocks.

150 for lower a arm. I suppose that is close to fair, but when a whole set of highlighter arms is only 3 times the cost of one stock arm, I think that's pricey.

So I'm gonna bag the windshield for now. I may go into a glass shop and see how much a window would cost to get made. I'll get more serious towards winter. I would like if I could remove the glass on the fly and bolt it to the roof for air circulation in those hot days.

Rock slider has a ding in it. I'm considering going to a steel yard and getting some heavy duty pipe and cutting it in half long ways. Then welding it to the bottom side of the sliders for extra support. 500 for one slider is stupid. A full skid plate isn't much more.

Feedback and opinions welcome as always.


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