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Sep 15, 2016
kapowsin, Wa

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So my machine is a 2019x. 3600 ish miles. Over the last few hundred miles, when in a higher gear lugging out the engine at a lower rpm, as the load on the engine increases I can hear some ticking, it’s rpm engine based, if I down shift and bring up the rpm’s the noise lessens almost to the point where it goes away, or is drowned out by the increase in engine noise. Also at the same time this all started happening the machine got harder and harder to start when cold. It wouldn’t want to idle, and more so than just the usual rough idle fuel injection relearn with major elevation change. I pulled the valve cover off thinking the valves needed adjustment, and they all were with the factory service manual spec of .006 for the intake and .009 plus or minus .001 i notices the cam shaft decompressors on the exhaust side of the cam were pretty loose. I found in the service manual these pics, that they are supposed to be spring loaded

But the one on the #2 cylinder doesn’t return like the book says it should.

Here’s a video

The dealership I just dropped it off at was shown the video and said “oh that’s normal”, but one of the first things the service writer told me is they haven’t had to open up many talon motors, or have even seen many come through the shop. They are mostly a street bike dealer….
What does everyone here think
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