First Ride 2020 X2


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Dec 10, 2019

  1. Talon X
I've had mine since December, but I've avoided taking it out even in the fields around my house so I could add accessories while she was still clean. She had 4 miles on her when I left for the trip. Our trip started on the Hatfield McCoy trail (HMT) of Bear Wallow. We rode the new section which is on the east side of 119. Like most HMT trails its steep, and lots of switch backs. Since the trial was fairly new there were not a lot of ruts. It was 55 and sunny, so we were ready to get at it. The throttle is jumpy and hard to get use to. The power is unreal, much more than you need for trail riding. My machine has the Bandit tender springs so it was a super smooth ride. I used H and 2wd for the most part. But I probably should have been in sport mode most of the time as I felt she didn't downshift enough going up the hills. I did not use the paddle shifter. We only had about 2 hours to ride before the sun started stetting, so we kept the hammer down and did 34 miles on the trail. The trail was smooth, and dry, so it was fast. The next day the weather was crappy, snow, rain and a high of 39 degrees. We rode the main section of Bear Wallow that day. It was wet, greasy and slick. I spent a good portion of that day in I4WD and low. In I4WD and low I felt pretty invincible. I do have stock tires on and I put them on 9 Lbs. each. We rode about 75 miles that day and went on a lot of steep rocky trails. Good time, but cold. Lots of snow build up on the windshield. We got back in about 4pm, and loaded up and went to the cabin we rented in Matewan. The next day we rode a good portion of Buffalo Mountain, to include a large section of outlaw trails north of 119. We went into Williamson for lunch. Wet, not as cold, and we had a good time. Same trail conditions as before so I was in Low and I4WD a lot. In hind sight I should have used 2WD and sport mode more often. I think we rode 68 miles that day. So now the Talon has 177 miles on it. I am going to do a complete fluid change this week since I have to work from home due to the CovID 19. Do note, West Virginia does not have any reported cases of the CovID 19!! Assuming its still legal to travel, we'll be heading back there March 26-29.

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