P1000 Ideas for shifting boots


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Apr 27, 2016

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Took my dash off. Someone else had the odea, I don't think they got to it though. The amount of duSt and air coming in is crazy. I can't handle it. It's very very very bad.

So. Someone brainstorm. I'm thinking about spray foaming holes and really sealing things up. I got a universal boot that cant work for the 4x4 and it's too small for the gear. So. Universal boot reversed will work fine for gear shifter, but can't work for the 4x4.

The stupid rubber seal that's supposed to stop air does nothing. It's very very dissapointing. It maybe blocks 60% of air, but doesn't cover the scoops they engineered to throw air under the hood (why would they do this? No firewall? That's dumb)

I tried cutting a 4x4 inch piece of rubber,slottingit, and installing under trim. Didn't work, jammed up under shifting. I also don't want to hid the shift track because of obvious reasons.


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