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Apr 27, 2023

  1. 700-2
In march i bought my p700-2 base. I started off buying side mirrors and a gun rack that didn't work out. Then i got a emp glass windshield and top. I bought a emp plug and play accessory harness, but couldn't locate the plug, not sure if it is still an option in 23. I decided that wasn't enough power anyway, so started my dual battery install. I got an odyssey agm28l, true dual battery isolator kit, stinger isolator, a fuse box with relays, a horn kit, 2 accessory pigtails from the honda sxs store, some 6 guage wire and electrical connectors.
I started out by building a battery box and mounted it under the drivers seat. Then mounted the true isolator under the passenger seat where the cheesy tool kit is. I mounted the fuse box and the stinger isolator under the hood. I ran 6 gauge wire from the main and aux batteries to the true isolator, and then forward to the stinger off the aux side. Then i wired the fuse box main power wires to the switched side of the stinger. After that i used the accessory pigtail in the plug under the hood to run switched power to the switches and to the positive terminal on the stinger, which made the fuse box hot with the key on.
The horn kit had its own relay, so i wired it seperat from the fuse box, and then hooked up a 12 inch light bar on the front bumper.
Next i used the other pigtail to use power from the reverse alarm plug for some 3/4" led reverse lights (an idea i stole fro. A user of this site).
The only thing left is to install a switch to manually connect the two batteries if necessary for cold starting ect.
Somewhere during that i got a rear wind jammer.

Now i just need some more accessories to hook up.... 20230509 16293720230729 14380820230509 17111620230729 14373220230729 14321120230729 14355820230530 23045020230530 15104920230621 12431820230531 182816 20230730 180055

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