P700 My 700-4 Electrical/Dual battery build for winch and accessories


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Aug 13, 2021

  1. 700-4
Just some pics from my dual battery and accessories wiring build to support running a winch, some accessories and ability to boost the original battery with the accessory battery. Im using the clubs battery isolator, a circuit breaker off of the aux battery to power the winch and fuse panel and another relay to clamp the aux battery to the start battery to allow boosting it locally as I've had my Pioneer not start in the dead of cold last winter.

I made the battery mount out of angle iron and c clamps, no welding was needed and has a battery hold down from AutoZone. I made a mount to hold the isolator, circuit breaker and relay (to start battery) under the seat beside the aux battery. The aux feed relay, fuse panel and winch controller and isolator relay are under the hood. Last pic is of the switch panel which has the top left switch is for battery boost relay, winch control below it and then the battery isolator voltage indicator. I have a couple other things to add and a radio in it.


2021_Pioneer_Wiring_Diagram.jpg 20220411_110724.jpg 20220411_143707.jpg 20220411_143716.jpg 20220411_190915.jpg 20220411_190958.jpg 20220430_115721.jpg 20220507_150640.jpg

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