Need help getting the right tire/wheel set-up on my Talon R


Oct 11, 2019

  1. Talon R
My goal is to end up with the same size tires all the way around. Also, my machine is currently 68" wide and my trailer is 72", so getting much wider than I am now isn't something I really want to do. The closer to 68" I can stay, the better off I am.

Here in NW Arkansas, we ride a lot of dirt trails and dirt roads with the occasional section of pavement to get from trail A to trail B. I'm thinking a dot tire like the Terrabites (or another brand) would be a good fit for that type of riding. (if I'm wrong here, let me know)

Taller is okay, but like I said earlier, I really don't want to get a lot wider. Ride comfort is a big consideration since my non-live valve Talon R rides like a log truck. I'd also like to avoid as many flats as possible. (who wouldn't?)

I've read through as many threads about offsets and spacers as I can, but I still don't think I understand as much as I should. I'd like to end up with the machine being close to the same width front and back because looks do matter to me,

So, given those parameters, what does everyone recommend? I'd like to hear brand name recommendations, offsets, sources etc. Let's stay close to 68". TIA

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