P700 New spin on an old discussion. ( Snorkel and vents)


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Feb 7, 2020
New Tazewell, Tn

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We have been invited to ride with a club in southern Mississippi in late April. We are rock crawlers, not swamp buggies, but were forewarned that even the regular trails, sometimes get over doors in crossings. So in the name of being warned and protecting our rig. I have installed a snorkel and extended the vents to what I consider the "save yourself" height.
I done a lot of research and just didn't like the traditional out the side routing. I also didn't like the over the seatbelt routing. My wife rides with me on every ride so I put her in the buggy and we started mocking up different routes, keeping in mind trees, the hauler, our style of riding, and general comfort. This is what we came up with.
Using a 2x2 rubber hose with clamps, I cut off the factory breather. Used about 7' of schedule 40 2" PVC and fittings. The high lifter head was bought off of amazon and fits great. I drilled a hole in the back of the HL head at an angle where I could run a screw thru the head into the Overhead bar.
The vent lines are actually 1/4" refrigerator water line. I used that because the tie wraps cannot crush it and its only .15 a foot. It took 15' of tubing. I ran the front 2 lines from the radiator area up the passenger side windshield and secured. The gas tank and rear diff were ran in the same area with the snorkel. I used a brass barbed connector with gasket maker between the hoses then put heat shrink over the connections to aid in security. In areas where they are visible, I wrapped them in a loom I had laying around the shop. The clear to white hose running up the side of the windshield is actually pretty annoying. After everything was glued painted and installed. I started the buggy and plugged the inlet head to look for leaks, It died. By plugging the air intake and it dying, I knew there was no leaks. We are Mississippi "Wild Country" ready. Hope you enjoy the pics.
This mod cost around $60. The kit is 3 times that and don't work for us. Its not reversible, but we can always go back and do something different, we gonna run it like this for a while.

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