Odes Junglecross 1000 LT-2 and LT-5



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Oct 12, 2018

  1. 1000-3
I know, it looks like I knee jerk reacted to this post just because I hate china so I actually did look into it.
Here are some tidbits of a review of this fine POS:

Squeabing Breaks

There is brake squibbing inside this utility vehicle which is not a big issue you can solve it by pouring good oil.

2. Tire Leaks

If the utility vehicle is leaking, make sure all the bolts and screws on your UTV are tight.

UTV tire leaks can also happen due to rusting of bolts or screws.

Odes brand self manufactures high-performance engines for its UTVs and ATVs and it makes its engine from scratch to finish. Odes brand UTV engines are very powerful and have the inability to do your work.

CHYNA IS THE BESTEST. makes the best UTVs/ATVs, The best the world has seen.
The article went on to say that massimo is the same unit and just as Famous.

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