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Dec 25, 2015
If you have a Pioneer 1000 I recommend you put a Snorkel on it before you take it out. The intake is in the front by the radiator so putting a snorkel on it is a must. Here is some pics of what I came up with. I added a Polaris 1000 filter to the 2.5 inch tubing having the stock air filter and the extra filter works awesome. I tested the performance before and after and it picked up a little power on the top end with the snorkel coming out and up eliminating the stock ducting to the front. total cost was 36 dollars in tubing and 38 dollars for the Polaris air filter. I used the stock 90 coming out of the air box and connected the tubing with thin wall exhaust tip, Still retains a quiet intake. I also put a notch in the hook latches on both sides after the bed opened on a rough area. I realized the bar touches the 2.5 inch tubing just a little and was just enough to prevent the latch from fully latching. I fixed this by using a round file and putting a notch at the tip of the hooks on both sides. after my last 2 day hunting trip the latch worked perfect and the snorkel protected the engine from water as expected.
I Also Siliconed the air box. The gasket was off the grove in one area from the factory and the decision to silicone it after correcting the gasket guaranteed no water. Having the Polaris air filter at the top of the snorkel makes changing the stock air filter much longer intervals. My overall review of the Honda 1000 is with the addition of the snorkel the Honda is the only UTV / crossover sport machine out there having plenty of power. Having the fold up back seats means it can be used for utility and sport fun with the family. Honda hit it out of the park, they just need a stock snorkel from the factory and this is the only machine that can do both jobs. Come on Honda factory snorkel it, set the bar even higher.

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