Retrainer/qualifying day


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Oct 27, 2017
Deep in the heart of Dixie, Kentwood, La.

LSP has a yearly 'retrainer' for retirees to qualify with a duty weapon so as to meet the requirements to 'carry' nationwide. If done yearly, it only requires meeting the standard of POST with 60 rounds of ammo. If any year is missed, it requires an additional 3 sets, or 240 rounds of ammo.

I have missed the last 4-5 yrs of qualifying due to being in MO turkey hunting or simply forgetting about it, so I had to do the additional sets. This year it was set to be in March, before I was due to leave. The ole 'Rona' came by and messed that up. So now, instead of having 150 or more retirees show up on one day, they just started with the retrainer doing only 10 at the time ....... with safe distancing. Even with so few there, I got to see some old friends I have not seen in a while.

For not having qualified at a retrainer in a long time, I was well pleased with my results. A 100% score would be 120, my 4 scores were 114, 115, 116, and 118. Max distance started at 25 yds and included some 'off hand' and some 'one hand' shots. It was a good day, but thankful it was not in August, since it was hot enough this morning. The old model 66 S&W .357 got too hot to handle before all the shooting was over.


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Apr 7, 2019
Covington, LA

My father used to run the range at Stennis where the SEALs would shoot. Saw a lot of really cool stuff as a kid... My favorite was the full auto Navy MP5 with the suppressors. Watching those guys run those guns was better than a movie when I was a kid. That and the big .50's on the Hummers.

All that to say I used to shoot the patrolman qualifier as a kid at 10-12 years old. I never didn't "qualify", but there were quite a few grown ass men that carry guns every day that couldn't score a qualifying total. I always thought that if you don't care enough to be proficient with a lethal weapon you shouldn't be given a second chance to "qualify" if a ten year old kid with one arm can do it with no training and in between reading comic books...

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