ROTM - 2021 April Starts Now! Theme – April showers bring mud holes!

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We are keeping the Ride of the Month rolling here. If you happen to have a cool universal (not machine specific) prize idea or a cool theme idea you’d like to see feel free to PM me or just drop your idea in the current ROTM thread.

Standard Ride of the Month Rules will apply.
  • POST 1 (ONE) picture. Pictures must contain a Honda SxS.
  • The winner will be picked at approximately end of day Wednesday 4/28 11:59 PM Eastern
  • Vote by LIKES. Most likes = winner.
  • Tiebreaker goes to users with the most posts as long as they have a 100+ post lead over the other.
  • If less than a 100 post spread, we might have a runoff.
April 2021's theme is... April showers bring May flowers mud holes!
... please submit a current photo with your Honda SxS as muddy and filthy as you can get it. If you splashed in puddles all day long and have mud up to the roof and the Mrs. is finally approving those fender flares you've been eyeing, grab a mud eating grin of you and your Honda and post it up. If you got your ride buried to the frame in a mud hole and the winch line is coming out, snap a pic and get it posted. If your buddy has his non-Honda stuck with broken axles and a smoked belt in the hole you just crawled through, hook up the tow strap, snap the pic showing your Honda ready to pull them out (pointing and laughing not required, but heavily encouraged) and watch your vote count soar!

April 2021's prize up for grabs... probably something to help clean up your filthy Honda SxS, stay tuned. Maybe it'll be some SC1 to make her shine again.

Thank you @Hondasxs for continuing to provide the prizes, the awesome site and the support required for the ROTM contests!

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