Seizmik Pursuit side mirrors w/SATV glass windshield @ Talon 1000R



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Sep 7, 2021

  1. 1000-5

  2. Talon R LV
Follow-up (in case anyone searches for this info): The Seizmik Pursuit side mirrors work perfectly fine with the SATV glass windshield.

The section of the mirror clamp that goes around the ROPS and is in contact with the backside of the windshield surround is a thin strap of steel, so there is absolutely no interference. The windshield has a thick foam strip along each side and it just conforms to the slightly thicker section of ROPS + mirror clamp.

I complicated matters by adding the Rough Country Talon cube light mounts.

Removed the ROPS bolts, doubled up on the RC spacers (to create room for the windshield), and purchased/used longer bolts (M6x1.25 @ 60MM, IIRC) that what came with the RC kit to accommodate the doubled-up spacers.

I installed the side mirrors first, then the windshield, then the RC cube light brackets (then lights).

The only thing I did differently was feed the (new) ROPS bolts from the inside out instead of outside in like they normally are. This makes it much easier to get the bolts through the holes in the ROPS, as removing those bolts lets the cage move, and this puts the alignment of the bolt holes off. I used a thick screwdriver to set the alignment back and get one bolt in (per side), then when I removed the screwdriver, the second hole was lined up for the second bolt.

I'll update this post and add some better pictures from the side so you can see how it all fits together with the windshield installed. Zero interference - just install in the order described above.


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