sick of ppl with little dick syndrome



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Jun 2, 2015
pittstown ny
im still here lmfao u guys are killing me but ive been working 16hr days for awhile so not much play time lol and everyone keeps bringing me their broken toys to fix

Mike Martsolf

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Apr 20, 2015
elko, Nevada

OK first this is gonna be a huge run on sentence I'm a mechanic not English teacher so deal with it also it's a beer night so again. Deal with it and ALSO damn tablet auto correct again deal with it lol first off quick resume

Atv racing ( lt250, 250r)
Motorcross ( rm125, cr250)
Drag ( irocz supercharger 383 10.3 best time)

OK after my speed junkie phase I got into mudding and crawling I built a mudding jeep and crawling Sammi but the full size scene just wasn't for me for I got into 4x4 ATVing my first was a polaris sportsman at first I loved it gas and go but very soon my intelligence kicked in the thing was way to heavy for 1 gear and was built for ppl who thought they could off road then I moved on to my 2012 rancher atv the irs is amazing the auto blows but es it the bomb blah blah blah I have it now fully built elka stage 4 hmf pipe hmf optimizer blah blah blah now I blow away 450rs polaris 500-800 can am blah blah blah just because it's big and has crazy specs doesn't make it better or quicker lol in a race on open road or field yes I Def get killed but in tight mountain trails there is no chance which is why I'm here I have a bn 2015 p500 my brother ( almost as experienced as me ) has a 2015 arctic cat trail and my best friend as a rzr 570 so .......... here we go everyone wants to know how the honda stacks up to the big boys and I can tell u I WIN!!!!!!!! no we don't have the suspension ( huge need) no we don't have high hp numbers but here is where we win short wheel base equals tight turning the thing moves like my wheeler the rzr and trail have to do 3-6 point turns in places the pioneer has instant torque (non cvt) really quick out of turn take off no its not as smooth but wtf ppl we are off road not in a Cadillac we went on a 80 mile ride last weekend and the only place they excelled and beat the little p5 was on the power lines where their suspension took over and could really shine non of us ever hit the top speeds of our ride blah blah blah I'm rambling but needless to say to each their own but for me I'm gonna with the very quick nimble honda reliable p5 oh ps we were all stock to stock!!!!! cat got 2 flats and rzr blew belt on the PowerLine lol p5 caught up and helped lol so no ppl not need big bore hp machines it's to pat their ego or maybe brand loyalty but I'm sick of hearing the pioneer 500 can't hang with the big boys but was it really built to? no and in places it can't win top end and high speed suspension but trust me every where else it's the pioneer all the way!!!!!!!! Rant over lol

Tell us how much fuel you used? How much the other "big Boys" used-the P5 wins again


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Jan 30, 2018
Canton, OH

These comments about drinking bring to mind the TV shows that show a game warden or police officer stop someone and ask "have you been drinking? Notice everyone will say that they only had 2 beers. My question is who in the hell drinks only 2 beers?
In this case...I'm that guy. I'm a cheap date. One beer (and it can be a measly 3.2 beer not even a 6.0) is a buzz. Two I'm going to sleep. So 12 ounces is good and 24 ounces is a night. Call it what you will, but I'm secure enough in my manhood to own this admission. lmao


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Oct 30, 2016
Central Pa

I'm actually a huge cat fan my sled is a f7 and I'm the one who talked my brother into the trail instead of rzr he's a status kinda guy the Honda didn't look sporty enough but once he seen it in action he was totally surprised he couldn't catch me in the trails and BTW current!!!! Beer count is 12
Got two Cat sleds myself! Now if we would ever get snow I could actually ride
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Jul 14, 2014
Kamloops, BC Canada.

Need the snow to recede here just a bit more and really looking forward to giving my P5 a run with new Elka Stage 3 shocks, slow snow ploughing I notice a little plusher ride, but I’m thinking actual wheeling will be even more of a blast.


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