SideWall Slugs Now In Stock - Saved our weekend!


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Feb 13, 2013
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I'm a believer in this product.
@JACKAL, and a buddy and I went riding last weekend and towards the beginning of the day, @JACKAL had a fairly decent sidewall cut. He was cursing along and it hit hard enough to knock the tire off the bead.

@JACKAL was digging out a dozen plugs getting ready to knot them up so we could head back to the truck. Luckily I picked up a pack of these and we gave it a try. It took me about 5 mins to get it installed and we were already airing up.

Since most tire pinches have 2 holes we had to plug the smaller one. Once we did this we were off. I have to say we spent much less time than expected to try and patch with 10+ plugs. We continued the adventure and even a week later it is holding air.

Here is the link to order you one --> Sidewall Slug.


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