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Spot X: electronic cunt.

DG Rider

Clever saying here
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Aug 14, 2013
Casa Grande, AZ

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So I've be.en sitting here for the last 45 minutes trying to get my spot X to actually work. My wife is apparently been getting my messages, but i haven't been getting them from her. This is like the 15th time this has happened. Reboot, update firm ware, stick your thumb in your ass... None of it seems to matter really.

So if you'd like some insight on the brilliance of spot devices, let me talk to you about the spot app for Android phones. This is designed to let you type messages in more easily than using the BlackBerry style keyboard on the spot X. Mind you, even spot Fanboys admit this app is pure s***.

But, what's the first thing that a device designed to allow you to reach people without cell service would do?
It Attempts to connect to the internet via your phone, of course, so you're forced to waste 2 minutes sitting there watching a little graphic spin? Is there any where in the deepest depths of retarded f****** hell this makes sense? Yet, here you go. Of course, the one useful thing that this might provide, which is updating the firmware on the glitch brick, can't be done.

That's just a little insight on the people that bring you this device. I've had it... I don't know, a couple years now. And it's very best day it was a slow and glitchy device that I sort of equate to Windows me; most of the time it works, lots of times it doesn't. As it has aged, it's gotten to the point where it needs constant rebooting and even being returned to factory status and starting over. And keep in mind this is a device that you're trusting with your life.

I don't know how the Garmin works, but take my advice and avoid this piece of s*** and pay the money for the Garmin. The Peace of mind alone is probably worth it.

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