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P1000 The Police Pioneer - RockDale Police Department's Honda Pioneer 1000

Discussion in 'Pioneer 1000 Builds' started by Hondasxs, May 19, 2016.

By Hondasxs on May 19, 2016 at 10:57 PM
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    Police Pioneer
    The Police Department for the Villiage of RockDale, Illinois just welcomed a new 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 (SXS1000-m5) to its fleet of patrol vehicles. Outfitted to help serve the community this new tool will be put to good use helping protect the village and the surrounding community for many years to come.


    About RockDale PD
    The RockDale Police Department serves an immediate population of around 2000 citizens. The Village was founded in 1894 by a group of local businessmen and Incorporated in 1902. The Police department consists of 12 police officers who enjoy being involved in the community.


    The Goal
    The Goal for the Police Pioneer will primarily be used as a public relations tool around town. The Chief of Police Robert Dykstra is the engine behind the success of the department. He has a heart for reaching the kids of the community as well as catching Bad Guys! This new tool will open up new areas of safety for the community such as public walking trails and back alley's that are not normally accessible by a patrol car.


    The Donation
    The Rockdale Police Department is very grateful for the generous donation of a fully up fitted 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000m5. Donations by various local businesses made to the Rockdale Police Department helped purchased the Honda Pioneer and a donation by D'arcy Motors made the police conversion and up fitting possible. Rockdale is happy to announce that taxpayers will not incur any cost due to gracious donations from supporters.


    The Build
    The up fitting process went perfectly and the PD was extremely happy with the extensive tedious job that the staff at PublicSafetyDirect did. There were many graphics revisions and complicated installation and wiring tasks that came together perfectly to complete the project. Here are some of the accessories added to build the unit.


    On the Street
    On the street, the unit will be used for a variety of purposes. The town just celebrated it's 125 year anniversary and the Honda Pioneer was a big hit. The community and kids really enjoyed seeing it around. The unit also brings value to the community by helping haul supplies for the events and relocating light trailers helping improve public safety.

    RockDale PD Online!
    Please check out and LIKE RockDale PD Onlien!
    Online - http://www.rockdalepolice.com/
    FaceBook - Rockdale Police Department
    Instagram - @rockdalepolicedepartment

    20160505_130248.jpg 20160505_130255.jpg 20160506_152537.jpg 20160506_152545.jpg 20160506_152602.jpg 20160506_152608.jpg 20160506_152622.jpg 20160506_152634.jpg 20160509_151421.jpg 20160518_150939.jpg 20160518_150946.jpg 20160518_151003.jpg 20160518_151014.jpg 20160518_151144.jpg 20160518_151152.jpg 20160519_150725.jpg 20160214_190854.jpg 20160214_162506.jpg 20160214_162454.jpg 20160214_162518.jpg 20160214_162513.jpg sxs3.jpg sxs5.jpg sxs4.jpg sxs1.jpg sxs6.jpg 20160214_175500.jpg 20160214_175507.jpg 20160214_175821.jpg 20160214_175829.jpg
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Discussion in 'Pioneer 1000 Builds' started by Hondasxs, May 19, 2016.

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