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Traded in the P520 for 2022.5 CanAm Defender DPS CAB


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Sep 24, 2021

  1. 520
Well, follow up to my “Checking Out“ thread and we took delivery of this CanAm on August 19th. Have 300km (about 190 miles) now, and have to say it is everything I and my spouse wished for in a side by side. It is most quiet, where we can have a normal conversation while riding slow or fast, we have room for our daschhund (Jäegermeister) between us, and it floats over top the logging roads we ride on. On difficult and steep terrain, low and locked diff, it tackles with little effort, most importantly throttle control is smooth and easy.
About the only thing I miss about the P520 is the 50” width. This CanAm is huge though at 65” wide and 79” tall, barely fits thru the garage door…an inch to spare. Crazily it will travel 65mph as easy as it tackles difficult terrain. Yes, it is considerably more money but it extends the fall and spring riding seasons with a filtered intake heated cab (no more dust). It has electric window lifts and tilt-up automotive windscreen with washer/wiper. tilt steering, panoramic rear view mirror, various driving modes, 4500lb Warren winch with synthetic rope, and so much storage and everything but a/c. We elected to save on the a/c (about $2000) as we are boaters throughout the summer season.
The P520 was a learning experience for us being that it was our first venture into a SxS, but only because that was all that was available without waiting on an order system. I attempted to trade up to a P1000-3 with full enclosure and heat, but the dealer here said likely be a year wait. The CanAm dealer a mile and a half down the road, took our order July 28th with estimated delivery end of October or early November. Surprised us with delivery less than a month later, this dealership is largest in Canada, and have heard they move 260 SxS per year, well connected to the BRP corporation it seems. This Defender was about 1/3 more of the cost of our loaded P520, well worth it.

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