Turbo + particle separator = functional


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May 8, 2019

  1. Talon X
Hello hello,

wanted the best filtration system but was limited with turbo so did some measurements and success. Went on amazon and got a 4in to 3in 90 degree, fitted inside and i know it sounds crazy but i zip tie each end to enforce the tube from going in or out. Next got 3in flex tube and connected it to the an adapter to link to the particle separator. Going on a long trip next weekend and will show results

00978BB4-B324-44E7-814D-4A92C424AE61.jpeg DDA94401-742E-4070-AD62-60AE2F926A9E.jpeg 3516AAF7-02B7-4FFD-BEDC-DA03CAE5A0EB.jpeg C9778823-4AAC-4614-9F77-0CFAD2F4C15C.jpeg DCBF856F-0754-4C9D-9E1A-BE7173D1FA25.jpeg 6C9AA487-DA71-4BF8-B47D-9657C425C5DF.png

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