P700 Under seat fan


Oct 12, 2021
South Carolina

  1. 700-4
Summer is here. SC heat was cutting down my ride time so I added a fan under the seat to lessen the engine heat from coming up under my lower back. I have previously added foam heat shielding like others have done. This helped but riding in 90deg+ temps wasn’t very fun. I am really happy with the results of the fan. It stops most of the heat from coming up under the seat.

F738DC50-A120-471C-AD78-6AA4AAA29E1F.jpeg 96C81F3F-C029-44AE-A130-517692B94EAB.jpeg A9250763-C8DC-4DE8-88F6-0456E56FF52D.jpeg 19C2C6D3-34B1-4B17-8D3F-BCAA1B327E9A.jpeg F9F03106-6A99-44AF-84DA-B08CC8EAAC8F.jpeg
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