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P1000 Warn electric lift actuator for snowplow


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Apr 19, 2022
Central MT.

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After completing my new snowplow installation a few weeks ago I wasn’t to happy with using a 4500 lbs winch to raise and lower a 250 lbs plow! I have always thought that the winch is for “self recovery” or “recovering another vehicle”. Don’t like the fact that the cable is
wound back wherever it wants to go, over and over again with each raise and lower of the plow.
After a few emails to Warn Industries and some research I came up with the idea of adding an electric lift actuator to raise and lower the
plow. Definitely going to be less amperage draw on the battery. Warn Industries suggested the ProVantage Plow Lift part #84600 and this is a total kit with actuator, some mount brackets, wiring, switch and relays.
It’s made for ATV’s but I figured it could probably handle a plow on a SXS. Spec’s say it can lift 450lbs.
I had to build a bracket to mount the actuator to my push tubes on the plow. The kit comes with a spring that when the actuator is not lifting, but rather relaxed i.e. Plow on ground to plow, the spring kicks the actuator toward the plow and away from the bumper.
This should work on any of the Honda SXS! The red strap with Warn written on it is an adjustable strap, is hooked to the top portion of the bumper. This also allows the the plow to move up or down depending on the terrain surface that you are plowing. I mounted the control switch just above the control switch for my plow angle switch.
I ordered mine from E-Bay.

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