P500 Warning Hood Blew OFF


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Jun 8, 2015
I just got a new truck. The new truck only has a 6.5 box. So I backed my machine 500 on the truck. The winch sticks out the front which makes pulling it on a challenge. I do not think it would fit, plus I do not want all the weight (engine) on the tailgate. So I am going down the freeway and somebody pulls up next to me and start doing hand signals. I pull over and look at the machine. The hood had blown off! Yes, I checked it before I pulled on the truck. The hood was locked with the little plastic knobs securely. The moral of the story is a design flaw in MY OPINION. Now I have to get a new hood. I am going to add additional latches. Maybe hood pins from the muscle car days. In any case take warning. Please, do not send me messages of how yours do not blow off. Maybe mine just got a certain air flow going. I do not know. I just wanted everyone to get a warning.

Sorry posted this in the wrong form first (Pioneer Access and Mods) new to posting here.
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jay dawge

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Oct 6, 2015


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