P700 What I have found...


Nov 7, 2021
Central CA

  1. 700-2
I'm sure those of you that have been owners longer than I have seen all of this, but here are a few things I have found on my new 2021 700 Deluxe.

I have been checking for loose bolts and just looking at everything trying to learn what I can about the lay-out of my machine. I found both battery terminals to be only finger tight. I now that could have caused some issues. I was looking at the door hinges and noticed on of the top bolts on the passenger side was not flush. I got the appropriate 6mm hex head wrench expecting to tighten the bolt and found it wouldn't move. I tried backing it out and it moved a couple of turns and stopped. It is obviously cross threaded. It it had the paint pen markings so who ever checked it either didn't notice it or didn't care. One lug nut on the driver side rear wheel was loose. I found a plastic push rivet lying under the seat on the rubber cover. I still haven't found where it came from. and I have had two of those plastic push rivets fall out on the dash while driving. They were not seated firmly enough.

This isn't a complaint, just observations. I worked in a job where looking for loose fasteners was a part of the job. I would like to think this type of thing wasn't the norm, but I'm old and know better.

I have spent a couple of days moving limbs and cleaning up the property and love this thing. My four year old granddaughter loves it too. Her dad has a polaris...

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