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Nov 23, 2019
Kermit, TX

Talon R,
Talon x4
There probably won't be a lot of excitment in this thread for a while, but I figured I would go ahead and start one.

So far I have 32s on stock wheels and just received a light bar for Christmas.

My winch should be showing up soon also. I got a Mile Marker 5000 from Northern Tool. It was on sale, plus with their gift card offer I saved $95.

Plans include bumpers, tailgate, beadlocks, more lights, stereo, harnesses, and eventually new cage. Some of it I plan to fabricate myself.

I put the light bar on this evening. I got lucky and had the brackets line up with some of the factory holes in the cage gussets. I had to notch the top though. I still need to hook up the wiring.39a03dedca73749a925f35013aa3ebee.jpg473db145383d0bb6a3636bbecc422a03.jpg

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