1. OldTruckie

    P1000 Secret Pass canyon, Black Mountains, Bullhead City, AZ

  2. OldTruckie

    P1000 Black Mountains trails; Bullhead City, AZ

  3. Eltobgi

    P1000 Replacing clutch pack on the Beast

    Before I can fix it I've got to remove the ice build up! & remove skid plate to change oil!
  4. Moses

    P1000 Pioneer 1000-5D and 1000-5 spare tire racks for sale

    Honda P1K5 V2 Rack
  5. Moses

    Honda pioneer 1000-5 and 1000-5D bolt on spare tire racks

    Honda 1000-5D and 1000-5 V2 rack $499 plus shipping That includes: •Cooler rack for a yeti tundra 45 Or something similar to those dimensions. The yeti tundra cooler is 13-3/8" deep and 24-1/2" wide •Rotopax mounting bracket plate Www.rotopax.com • Spare tire mounting bracket with welded...
  6. Lorian

    P1000 1000 roof available

    Pioneer 1000 5seater roof for sale from florida highlands county area: $400/OBO
  7. J

    P1000 Hard/soft Roof question for 1000-5

    Is it possible to hard to the front of the 1000-5 and soft top the back section. I'd hate to hard top the whole thing and give up the ability to stand up in the bed or be able to carry taller items. I haven't seen a soft, rear top, but may look into getting one made if its possible...Thanks in...
  8. ohanacreek

    P1000m5 Rock Donkey