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Oct 30, 2018 - TORRANCE, Calif.

Headlining a star-studded lineup of vehicles, the Honda Rugged Open Air Vehicle concept took its bow today in the glittering environs of Las Vegas at the 2018 SEMA show. Combining elements of two production Honda vehicles from different genres, the Rugged Open Air Vehicle concept is based on Honda's Ridgeline pickup and its Pioneer 1000 side-by-side to create the ultimate open-air off-road Honda adventure vehicle.
Designed and developed by Honda R&D Americas, the Rugged Open Air Vehicle concept is a physical thought exercise of what the ultimate off-road Honda four-wheeled vehicle could look like. The vehicle combines the utility of the Honda Ridgeline with the off-road ruggedness and extreme styling of the Honda Pioneer 1000 side-by-side. While the Rugged Open Air Vehicle is a concept, it nonetheless uses existing Honda components, such as modified Ridgeline body and suspension, along with...
Announcing The 2019 PIONEER TAKEOVER - A Honda SxS Club, Group Ride!
May 3 & 4th 2019
Ride Royal Blue Resort, Pioneer TN.

Open to all Honda SxS Club Member, friends, and family.
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Cabin / RV /...

UPDATE from HONDA at the AIMExpo today.
Talon is set to be announced November 27th.

Just in case you haven't been following along lately. HondaSxS.com acquired pictures of the Honda Talon a few months back against Honda's liking. These were quickly confirmed to be the...
HondaSxS.com has recently obtained patent images of the completed rear suspension for the mystical Honda Talon scheduled to be announced mid-November. These images continue to confirm the trailing arms we expect to see on the Talon.

Honda is expected to announce the Talon in November. But concern has risen from the last dealer update in which the text "SXS" is shown for November on the slideshow but the narrator fails to mention it. This could be a sign that the product may be delayed. Nothing unexpected as Honda has grown accustomed to being late to the game.

But one thing is for sure. If Honda can deliver a solid sports machine with decent power in the 100 HP range the market will respond with praise.

Shown is the 5 link rear suspension of the Honda Talon. We also expect a 3 link suspension. Both will have there own use cases.
honda-talon-rear1.png honda-talon-rear2.png honda-talon-rear3.png ...

and soon the winds will turn and leave behind a thick blanket of snow. Finding the best UTV snow plow is a challenging process that takes time to weight out all the options. The aftermarket scene offers many different types from the top of the line with a built-in hydraulic tilt to the basic blade for that once a year use.

There are several things to consider when choosing a blade.

Blade Width.
The blade must be wide enough to extend the wheel track of your Pioneer. Choosing one too shot will make it awkward and cause you to plow unlevel.
We recommend no less than the following plow sizes for your Honda Pioneer!
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