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Recall Summary

Name of product:
Recreational off-highway vehicles (ROVs)

Hazard: The front passenger seat belt buckle can fail due to a manufacturing defect, posing a risk of injury.

Remedy: Repair
Consumer Contact:
American Honda toll-free at 866-784-1870 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PT Monday through Friday or online at www.powersports.honda.com and click on “Recall Information” at the bottom of the page for more information.

Units: About 2,200
This recall involves model year 2017 Honda Pioneer 700 side-by-side recreational off-highway vehicles. The ROVs are motorized with a steering wheel, a gas pedal, a brake pedal, bucket or bench seats, seat belts and an occupant...
The latest buzz in the world of SxS has nothing to do with Honda's newly released flagship model, the Pioneer 1000-LE. Instead, to fully understand the WIDE direction this company is taking, you'll need to think a little smaller... again!

When it comes to Powersports, few companies match Honda's innovation. Three years ago, Honda sent a minor shock wave through the SxS community, when it announced the Honda Pioneer 500. In a UTV market bloated with heavyweights, Honda took a refreshing step and went an opposite direction. Borrowing technology from the most reliable Honda ATV on the planet, the Honda Foreman, Honda produced a smaller SxS based on the ATV frame. It's this re-engineering formula that produced an entry level UTV -truly a Pioneer!

Honda is at it again when it announced plans for the 2018 Honda Pioneer 500-S. Details are limited, but it seems that the 50" wide Pioneer gets a BIG upgrade when it comes to...
ATV.com has named the Honda Pioneer 1000-5 LE the Utility UTV of 2016!
Source - Best ATVs and UTVs of 2016 - ATV.com

Full Frist Ride Review around a simple dirt track is here -->...
Pricing is finally out for the 2017 Pioneer 1000 line and as expected the new features for the LE editions bring a premium pushing the price up to around $22,349 after added charged. (excluding tax).

But don't be scared off just yet, Remember this is Honda's PUBLIC MSRP LISTING PRICE. With the market as tough as it is we expect buyers could walk out the door around $19k by 2017 years end!

Pioneer 1000-3

  • Base - $14,199 - Available in Olive and Red
  • EPS - $15,399 - Shale Blue, Red
  • ESP Phanom Camo - $16,199
  • LE - $19,999 - Matte Gray Metallic ONLY
Pioneer 1000-5
  • Base - $16,399 - Red, Olive
  • Deluxe - $17,399 - Red, Metallic Blue
  • Deluxe Phanom Camo - $18,199
  • LE - $21,599 -...
Today HondaSxS.com received this image titled "Performace Pioneer"!
At first, we were like... Ya whatever. Honda doesn't do "Performance".
Later in the day we were taking a second look and that's when we saw it.
WOOH... Is that a Honda 1000 engine in there.

Now, no other info is available so we can only speculate from here.
Let us know what you think below.

Get yours here ->> http://hondasxs.com/forms/free-hondasxs-com-decal-request.1/respond
For a short time, I will include 2 of the new mud stickers and 2 of standard ones.
eb5f02def96c6d44067f0ff0ba0aa8ac.jpg 62c32ed4844cbe9c51d7c2fa81c656e2.jpg
Is it true?
Could the "HONDA TALON 1000" be the SPORT machine the world has been waiting on Honda to build? If so, those rubber bands better up there game with Air Conditioner, led accents and built in tvs.

Recent documents published last month reveals Honda has applied for the trademark name "TALON" in regards to a "Side-by-side vehicles and their structural parts".

Currently, this is the hottest information we have suggesting a sport is on its way. Add that to the other leaked information and you can begin to picture it now!

Specs we would like to see:
  • 1000cc
  • 120hp
  • 18" of travel
  • 30" tires
  • Automotive cockpit
  • Bucket seats.
  • Traction control.
When can we expect the HONDA TALON 1000?
We expect Honda to announce the Talon April of 2017 with a fall debut.
Like the Pioneer, its trademark was applied for June 2012, announced April 2013 with delivery as a 2014 model. The Talon is...
Here is the 2017 info...

All 2017 models
  • Seat belt interlock to keep the unit under 15mph if the driver has not buckled the seat belt.
  • New safety torso bars to help keep the passengers seated in case of an accident.
700d-side.jpg 700d-front.jpg
Pioneer 700 Deluxe

  • Electronic Power Steering
  • Paddle Shifters
  • Auto/Manual override like P1k
  • Aluminum wheels
  • New color choices - Matte Silver & Diver Blue! *model dependent
  • New colored shocks.
  • All Pioneer 700's receive new updated fascia with new bumper allowing option to add LED headlights.
Pioneer 500
  • Picks up an Automatic transmission with Auto/Manual switch
  • Dual rate springs
  • New colors - Green
Pioneer 1000 MIA this go around!
  • 2017 model was not announced.
  • On the flip side they did say the next Redline will have the...