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and soon the winds will turn and leave behind a thick blanket of snow. Finding the best UTV snow plow is a challenging process that takes time to weight out all the options. The aftermarket scene offers many different types from the top of the line with a built-in hydraulic tilt to the basic blade for that once a year use.

There are several things to consider when choosing a blade.

Blade Width.
The blade must be wide enough to extend the wheel track of your Pioneer. Choosing one too shot will make it awkward and cause you to plow unlevel.
We recommend no less than the following plow sizes for your Honda Pioneer!
Honda is issuing a voluntary SAFETY RECALL to inspect for a loose or mis-set throttle body on ALL Honda Pioneer 1000 models.

  • ALL 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 Models
  • ALL 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000 Models
  • ALL 2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 Models
  • Loose or Mis-Set Throttle body. Check to make sure the throttle body is in place and set correctly for all 2016-current Honda Pioneer 1000 models.
  • ASAP, All users should stop use of their Honda Pioneer 1000 until a inspection can be completed. Contact your local dealer to schedule this inspection.
Dealers must STOP SALE on all Honda Pioneer 1000 models until the inspection procedure is completed. See Honda Service Bulletin SXS1000 #6, which is posted to iN on the Honda dealer network.

HondaSxS.com is working to collect exact inspection procedures and...
I know a lot of you have been waiting for my Takeover vid so I apologized it took me this long to get the main one done. Those on Facebook know my computer is on its last leg(it is almost 10 years old after all...lol) so it's taking forever to get stuff done. It does not handle H.D. footage well! Anyway here is my main vid. I will be uploading some more riding footage here and there as well but will post them in my section of the forum. Enjoy!

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