1. RB3offroad

    P1000 Wide Bundle Wheel Spacer blowout!

    Hello everyone, Many of you have been talking about wheel spacers and needing a combination of sizes to accommodate your new wheels or even your personal preference. Well we have a Wide Bundle Package right now on rb3offroad.com that comes with our NEW 1.5 Ultra-Light wheel spacers for the rear...
  2. Hondasxs

    P1000 Pioneer 1000 Lug Pattern Confirmed - 4/136 with 12mm studs!

    HondaSxS.com has now officially confirmed the lug pattern for the new Honda Pioneer 1000. The new lug pattern is: 4/136 with 12mm studs @1.50" thread pitch. Why Honda chose this new pattern is a mystery to us. I'm sure they have there reasons. We can only guess the switch is in preparation...