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P700-4 4 Point harness in back seat. 2019-03-30

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  1. Pioneer 700
I attached a 4-point harness to the back 2 seats for my kids. It was a headache and difficult to do figure out. Since I attempted this on a 2019 model I feel like there is very little resources for this

I attached the harness using the the original seatbelt receivers on the bottom and two screws in the back of the seat Honestly the screws were easy, so I don't want to spend anymore time on that.

The easiest way to remove the two receivers was to remove the entire back rest, it was two bolts and one more attached to the shock After that, I attached the new bottom spot if the harness simple enough. The point at which my sanity as well as my marriage was rested was reattaching the shock. Nothing I experienced on the machine was more frustrating than that. I got it to work, but there were many failed attempts.

I am open to suggestions as to perform it an easier way, but I posted this in hopes that this made it easier for someone
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