1. Mudder

    Travel distance to attend the 2018 takeover? One way.

    Might be interesting. 148
  2. Mudder

    P500 Mods done poll on other site

    For anyone interested, started a popular modifications done poll on another P500 facebook site. Honda Pioneer 500 Riders.
  3. Mudder

    P500 Coldest temps for cold engine start up?

    Coldest start. Didn’t have to ride, but would be interesting comment if you did. (One for @PistonHonda)
  4. Mudder

    P500 Poll $ spent on P500 Mods or Accessories

    Poll- How much spent on P500 mods or accessories? And to help others, what were the best additions for the money spent? (Here ya go @trigger!)
  5. Mudder

    P500 Poll- P500 trouble costs (not maintenance/accident)

    Thought this Poll might be helpful for Manufacturing dependability or defects questions. Don’t include routine maintenance or accident/abuse repair cost. If you had a significant cost, the model year would be good to know, as well a type of issue, (engine, transmission, electrical, etc)...
  6. Mudder

    Multi Curious on what age when you purchased your SxS?

    Just curious poll. Seen many posts on owners choice to go with a SxS, many of whom switched to or added a SxS after ATV/motorcycle. With me it was age, a desire to ride together, and a good fit of a machine for what I wanted. 10 motorcycles, 3 wheeler and ATVs, and FJ 40 in past. Some good...
  7. Mudder

    P500 Accessories added Poll

    Wish there was a sticky tread for a poll of most common accessories added, similar to the tire psi tread. Some thoughts, likely are more than I can think of now... may be an interesting snapshot. Tires Rims Skid plates A arm guards Windshield Roof Front bumper Rear bumper Rear window Full doors...

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