2020 Honda Pioneer for Sale


Dec 27, 2020

  1. 1000-3
**LOCATED IN OKLAHOMA** 2020 Honda Pioneer 1000 EPS. Door plastics were installed manually by using a rivet tool that create threads. Folding windshield that allows it to be fully open or fully closed and a notch to keep it in between if desired. Installed interior lights, bed lights and a light bar. Midland 2-way radio. Kill switch located on the dash and a volt meter that includes a couple usb chargers. Still room to add more accessories and connect them to rocker switches on the dash. Red seat covers, and seats are in great condition. 5000lbs Badland winch with rocker switch and wireless remote. 14” rims and 29” tires both ITP brand. I also have a spare for the front and a spare for the back plus the stock rims and tires. 845 miles and 96.5 hours. Serviced on time by dealer. Extended warranty still good. Stored in an enclosed garage. Most miles have come from riding on pavement. Great condition. Great machine! Asking $23,500 or best offer.

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